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Welcome websurfer, I'm glad you've stopped by today.

This is my own personal corner of the internet, Have a look around.

Look Around

There is no real consistant theme or overall genre of my YT channel or this website. It is just a mix and match of different things I like and/or have created. Happy clicking! I hope you'll find something you'll like.

I honestly have no idea how I managed to make this site and figure out so much about HTML by just F12'ing on other sites and frankenstining myself a code, along the way I learned some of the coding commands, and so far I am very happy with the look of this site. it is way futher than i thought I'd get.

I just sat back smoked some weed, and played around with the code until I understood it. If you want to make your own site like this, and haven't already - it is super easy, and I'm sure there are better methods of learning than mine. I am having a lot of fun making this site, I almost have too many Ideas for it.

TLDR: I like my website, and if I could make one, you probably can too.